Backpack custom three common fabrics

- Apr 06, 2017-

Polyester fabric

Polyester shoulder bag custom, polyester texture high strength, good elasticity, and wool are somewhat similar. Its own heat-resistant, non-hygroscopic. General production of polyester shoulder bag to leisure sports, light and thin materials, waterproof anti-wear, it is not easy to fade. Polyester texture used to do leisure backpack, student backpack, cosmetic bag and so on more.

Nylon fabric

Nylon shoulder bag custom, nylon texture density is high, the package is strong and flexible, easy to wear easy to clean, but also has a good waterproof effect, strong load he became the first choice for the shoulder bag computer materials. General nylon shoulder bag to pure color design, material strong and dirty, easy to scratch, anti-aging is all the backpack material in the strongest, sustainable use. Generally used to do in the high-end backpack, outdoor backpack and cloth trolley box.

Canvas fabric

Canvas shoulder set, canvas texture to determine the size of the fabric appearance, feel, wear resistance and permeability. Canvas shoulder bag wild type has been the new darling of fashion influx of people, his fashion leisure favored, colorful design let him continue the trend of the front line. But his lack of long-term use is easy to fluff, the general influx of people can use the canvas backpack bag with clothing.