How to use the outdoor backpack correctly

- Apr 06, 2017-

1. When packing baggage, if the weight of more or all heavy objects, can be placed on average. Back to the chest after the chest buckle, tighten, so that when the backpack is not a sense of backward, when the action with both hands pulled shoulder belt and backpack between the adjustment zone.

2. In the dangerous place, should relax the backpack strap, open the belt and chest, so that in case of danger, the fastest speed to make people separated, to ensure that they can light out of danger.

3. Do not beat backpack, especially finishing a solid backpack, backpack filled, the suture tension has been quite tight, and this time if the rude to unload the backpack, or accidentally fall accidentally, it is easy to seam Line breakage or buckle damage. Iron hard equipment, do not close to the backpack fabric, tableware, pots and other hard materials, easy to wear the backpack fabric.

4. The process of action to be careful with the ribbon accessories, and sometimes on the car, it will pull the backpack of the situation, so the backpack in the car should pay attention to the waist buckle is not buckle, some backpack waist buckle soft Reverse buckle backpack the lower half, some backpack belt with a hard plastic plate support, can not be folded buckle, it is easy to crack, it is best to have a backpack cover backpack, so that the ribbon and other backpack entangled in the Pull process damage backpack.

5. When you go out, you can take a very thin plastic paper, walking or climbing time, often rest, if the rest in the outdoors, backpack on the ground or grass can easily be dirty, and even some unknown , Stained backpack is very difficult to clean, plastic paper can prevent the backpack stick dirty things.