Making of straws

- Nov 23, 2018-

Production method: After melting the plastic, passing through the extrusion die, it is called a mouthpart, then the machine extrudes the plastic like a syringe (this process is continuous, there is a screw on the machine, it will be extruded at a certain speed), When the plastic is softened, it is fed into the machine, directly molded, and then cut by the machine later, which becomes a straw that we have seen for a while.

Attention problem

The “three no” straws may be processed from recycled waste plastics. Once exposed to high temperatures, they may produce toxic substances that endanger health. The quality of the “three no” plastic straws is definitely problematic. Because of the inferior quality or recycled plastics produced, pigments may be used to cover the impurities. Once you use it to drink juice or hot drinks, harmful substances will dissolve and cause harm to the human body.

Special use

Make a vase, can't think of it, the small eye-catching straw, after combination, will form a special style, made into a vase, decorate your home! Long straws (about 80), wrapping paper (flower wrapping paper), thread, needle. It can be done simply! Pipette cut off a pointed part, each length should be consistent; tear the flower wrapping paper into thin strips by hand (scissors are less effective), the length is preferably slightly longer than the straw. Insert the strip into the straw. Cut off the excess wrapper so that it is the same length as the pipette, and the wrapper does not stick out of the pipette. Look for the same color line, put the straw in the two horizontal and vertical arrangement, as if stacked wood... so a simple and practical straw vase is completed.