Nylon zipper purchase method

- Apr 06, 2017-

1, nylon zipper limit code selection: up and down must be closely linked to the teeth or pliers on the teeth.

2, nylon zipper pull the first choice: nylon zipper pull the shape of more, can also be bold and majestic. But no matter what kind of pull the head, have to feel the pull of the pull is comfortable, will not Rao zipper pull or not close the phenomenon. Now the market for the sale of nylon pull head with a self-locking device, so pull the zipper, the test under the lock after the zipper will be fixed down.

3, the composition, coloring are different, because the nylon zipper fabric raw materials are polyester thread, suture, the core line of different types of silk composition. So in the same zipper prone to color, this time in the selection of cloth to choose uniform dyeing, no muddy point of the fabric produced by the fabric are soft to the main soft.

4, in the choice of the microphone, depends on the phenomenon of colored flowers, nylon zipper of the teeth is also electroplating color so the purchase must pay attention to whether the surface color is uniform.