Precautions for refrigerated bag maintenance

- Mar 08, 2019-

The food remaining inside the refrigerated bag is prone to bad odor, and the refrigerated bag must be cleaned regularly. Open the top cover, clean it with a soft towel or sponge, warm water or a neutral detergent. After using the detergent, it must be cleaned with water and then wiped dry with a dry cloth. Always remove the dust from the top of the refrigerated bag to avoid affecting the aesthetics.

Cold storage cold chain logistics is a special industry, which not only affects the effective operation of industrial and agricultural production, but also directly affects the living habits and quality of ordinary people, or on the other hand, the latter's constant changes motivate the former Growing. In the next five years, China's public frozen storage facilities will grow at a rate of about 24% per year to meet the growing demand in the consumer market and food exports.

This is the conclusion reached by Jones Lang LaSalle in the report released in 2009, "China's Cold Chain Logistics Market with Unlimited Potential". It also analyzes the current situation of China's cold chain industry and focuses on the future market. Great development potential. As a social environment for the development of cold chain logistics, it has also become a focus of attention.