Straw making drift head

- Nov 23, 2018-

Materials and tools

1. Material: various plastic straws, small wooden sticks or small bamboo strips, red, green and black color paint, white latex.

2. Tools: a knife, scissors, lighter or candle.

Production process

1. Cut the selected straw with scissors according to the length of your needs.

2. Cut the small wooden stick or small bamboo strip into a 30 cm long small stick with a knife, and then cut the portion of 114 into a cylindrical shape slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the straw, and the portion of the 314 is cut into a conical shape.

3. Apply a white latex to the cylindrical head (also can be replaced by paint), insert a straw to form a drifting foot. (If you can master the heat and kneading skills well, you can directly soften the straw and burn it into a floating foot. , no longer need to use the first and second procedures).

4. The other end of the straw is softened by fire and then kneaded to make it adhere, completely closed, and does not seep water, forming a drifting head.

5. Use the paint of various colors to trace the color of the drifting head to form a floating eye.

In this way, after the paint and glue are dried, they can be used. The above process seems to be more complicated. In fact, it is very simple to operate, and several pieces can be made at the same time, even dozens. The float made with the straw is slightly rough and has a single shape, but it is relatively resistant to bending and compression. Although you can't save much money by making your own floats, you can't use too many straws, but you can do it yourself, not only to bring fun in production, but more importantly, to practice environmental protection and build a harmonious society from fishing. "Everyone collects firewood with high flames." As long as everyone starts, there is a little more to use, and less pollution is caused.