Tests about buckles

- Apr 06, 2017-

Buckle in the testing process there are two main aspects:

One is the tensile test, this test is to check the main force of the ability to bear, it is divided into two steps to complete:

1, between the tensile test, mainly for buckle, D deduction, the Japanese deduction and so on.

2, the long-term tensile test, its main principle in determining the load a certain weight, the buckle bear the time value.

The second is the temperature test, this is the test buckle in the unconventional temperature of the endurance, divided into high temperature and low temperature two:

1, high temperature is usually set at 70 degrees Celsius

2, low temperature is usually set at minus 30 degrees

Time for 24 hours, can be based on different needs to carry out the corresponding value of the test, which related to the metal buckle but also its anti-rust, anti-corrosion, drug resistance and other tests.