The difference between ice pack and heat pack

- Mar 08, 2019-

Same point:

1. The same effect, the same is used to keep warm, to slow the loss of energy in the bag.

2. The principle is the same, both use insulation materials and ice packs and other cold media to keep fresh and cool.


1. Insulation materials are different. Most of the insulation bags and ice packs are made of pearl cotton insulation material, and the insulation box is generally made of EPS foam and PU polyurethane insulation material.

2. The inner and outer wall materials are different. The inner and outer wall materials of the heat preservation bag and the ice bag are mostly made of 840D/PVC tendon cloth, 420D/PVC nylon, reflective material aluminum foil, environmental protection PEVA, and the incubator is generally made of PP and PE materials.

3. The insulation performance is not the same, the insulation performance of the insulation box is better than the insulation package and ice pack.

4. In carrying, the insulation bag and ice pack are lighter than the incubator.

5. In the processing and forming process, the heat preservation package and the ice package are generally made of cloth, and the heat preservation box is generally formed by injection molding, blow molding and rotational molding.

6. The degree of difficulty in processing is different. The processing of insulation bags and ice packs is more flexible than the processing of incubators.

7. Processing costs are not the same, the processing cost of the incubator is much higher than the insulation package and ice pack.

8. The intensity is different. The incubator has higher strength than the ice pack, more durable and more resistant to turnover.