What is cooler bag?

- Mar 08, 2019-

The ice pack is a kind of outdoor bag, the English name Cooler Bag, Insulation Pack age can be used for outdoor picnic or daily life. It is used to hold various foods and keep the temperature and freshness of the food. It is a kind of outdoor bag.


(1) Thermal insulation is the most basic function of the insulation package. It is a special case with short-term insulation effect, which can keep cold/heat preservation. The insulation layer of the product is pearl cotton + aluminum foil tin foil, which can provide good thermal insulation effect. .

(2) Durable To have excellent impact resistance, it is not easy to break when pressed or impacted, and will not leave scratches.

(3) Seal This is the first consideration for choosing a heat preservation package. Although different brands of products are sealed in different ways, excellent sealing is a necessary condition for the long-term preservation of memory food.

(4) Preservation The international standard for sealing measurement is evaluated by the moisture permeability test. The high-quality insulation package is 200 times lower than the moisture permeability of similar products, and it can keep things fresh for a longer time.

(5) Multi-functionality diversity Designed for different needs of life, with reusable technology ice packs, ice packs can keep cold and keep warm (ice packs can be frozen to -190 °C, up to 200 °C, can be arbitrarily Cutting size)

(6) Environmentally friendly food-grade environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, odorless, UV resistant, and resistant to discoloration