What is the purpose of the keychain?

- Sep 28, 2018-

The plastic keychain is a small, easy to carry small item. The plastic keychain can be applied to the following aspects.

1. Animation Derivatives: Cartoon and cartoon characters can be sold more deeply by making some key crafts such as keychains.

2, can be applied to personal items, personal accessories, many people like to get a keychain on their own keys, as a decoration, environmentally friendly soft plastic material made of keychain not only beautiful patterns, diverse styles, but also environmentally friendly.

3, travel gifts: some tourist attractions can be customized to these keychains to show some of the characteristics of this attraction, many visitors to see these keychains I believe will also like. You can search for Guangzhou Feng Ling Cao, or go to the one side of the road to see, there is wholesale, there are key chains and other things, you can go and have a look.

4, exhibition gifts: now more exhibitions, if you can give the keychain printed with your own business logo in the exhibition, it should also achieve a good publicity effect 5, corporate souvenirs: some companies can also customize the keychain on the anniversary Come as a souvenir for the company.

6. Meeting gifts: Participate in some meetings. If you carry these keychains with your own brand, you can let more people know about you.