What material does the keychain use?

- Sep 28, 2018-

1.PVC soft rubber keychain: can be shaped to be strong, can be customized according to the size and shape that you want, the mold opening fee is generally a bit expensive, jewelry shop this material is the most; shortcomings, the color is easy to become dull.

2. Acrylic keychain: also known as plexiglass, divided into imported materials and domestic materials, hollow and solid, is transparent, can be placed in the middle of colored paper; acrylic hardness determines the degree of wear of the keychain. Acrylic below 3H The surface is easy to spend. (The hardness list refers to leechoo) The best new material that can be used to make sanitary ware after ceramics. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, acrylic has the following advantages in addition to unparalleled high brightness: good toughness and not easy to break; strong repairability, as long as you use soft foam to remove toothpaste, you can wipe the sanitary ware; soft texture, winter There is no feeling of cold and icy; colorful, can meet the personality pursuit of different tastes. Acrylic basins, bathtubs, toilets, not only beautiful style, durable, but also environmentally friendly, its radiation and the radiation level of the human body's own bones Almost the same.

3. Zinc alloy keychain: Zinc alloy is also one of the more malleable metals. Generally, the surface is rust-proofed by dripping or plating with rare metals.

4. Leather lamp keychain: Sewn with leather, divided into leather, imitation leather, PU, a keychain with small lights embedded in the middle, can also be used for lighting at night or in the dark.

5. Solar Keychain: There is a solar panel in the middle. When the sun shines, the pattern inside is looming.

6. ABS material three-dimensional keychain: open an injection mold, injection molding with ABS material, and then coloring, because the cost of mold opening is high, the amount of general work is relatively large. Better than PVC quality.

7. Crystal Keychain: Generally, it is made of artificial crystal. It can be made into crystal keychains of various shapes. The cost is usually between one and several tens of dollars. Crystal has become a fashionist's favorite and has a song: "I and Your love, like crystal, no burden, secret, clean and transparent. My love for you is beautiful crystal, unique light shines on you and my heart." Crystal becomes a symbol of purity