Backpack Along The Child

- Apr 06, 2017-

A. Use 32mm and 25mm along the child. Large surface joints with 32mm along the child.

B. When the package along the child to be uniform, both sides of the package to be the same size.

C. All edges along the sub are 3mm. Can not be greater than 3mm, the line to be uniform.

D. Keep the suture along the way. With 32mm along the sub-line, along the line along the line to cover the suture line,

Clawed along the child should not see the joint line.

E. Along the sub-joints to grow 1 ", fold 1/2", and to knock down the needle.

F. Along the sub-tail if there is no other along the sub-package, should be broken, folded 1/2 "and knock down the needle.

G. If the line is broken, it will be retracted.