Backpack Work Standard

- Apr 06, 2017-

Down needle standard: 1 down needle 3 line, 2 times the needle 5 line.

A. All the pins are to be hit in the desired place.

B. All sewing start ends should be knocked down, the length can not exceed 1/2 ".

C. In the seam on the Oxford belt, strap, flying son to have 2 times the needle.

D. Broken pin width than the Oxford belt, strap, flying son and other width on both sides of the growth of a needle. The downside is the same as the Oxford belt.

E. Storm Peak'Haute Route 'Skyline and Vision knot when staple D-ring.

F. Nail tower buckle, the buckle of the two ends to play a needle down.

G. Elastic band, key chain rope, zipper hit 1 down needle. When the seam hit

H. Big backpack belts flying son and packet of flying son are 2 times the needle.

I.38mm and 50mm Oxford with a tail beat 2 times.

J. Outside the handle to play 2 times the needle.