Silicone Belong To Plastic?

- Jun 30, 2017-

"Silicone" actually equal to silicone rubber, not plastic. Silicone HS code is. Silicone rubber is not plastic, is artificial rubber
The difference between plastic and silicone rubber should be plasticity, because of thermosetting plastics, this definition is not comprehensive. Another difference is elasticity, because of the emergence of thermoplastic elastomers, this definition is not comprehensive. In general, thermoplastic polymer can be rigid polymer material, it should be plastic; and thermosetting elastomer it should be silicone rubber.

silicone and plastic.jpg

Plastic and rubber are essentially similar, both based on a mixture of polymer chains.
According to nature and components,Silicone can be divided into two categories, organic silicone and inorganic silicone. inorganic slicone is a highly active adsorption material, while organic silicone is organo .silicon compound

Silicone without No poison, no smell. Its usage is wide and we can common see it everywhere, fasion gift like silicone bracelet, silicone watch, keychain, luggage tag, shoelace,baby products like baby bib, baby nipple,anti-mosquito silicone wristband, kitchenware like silicone glove, scraper,cake mold, cookie stamp, ice cube tray, ear plug, lunch box, refresh food bag and so on. and its material is eco friendly food grade, FDA and LFGB standard. while Plastic is mostly made from petroleum also widely used in life, such as interior decoration, office, daily necessities, etc. but its not so popular like silicone.

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