How To Choose A Good Quality Anti-mosquito Silicone Wristband

- Jun 23, 2017-

The usage of anti-mosquito silicone wristband is so wide, when mountain climbing, camping, fishing, sports, walking etc, it is a very useful item also fashionable, many young parents would like choose for their children   

anti-mosquito silicone wristband-4.jpg

How to choose?
1. Firstly from brand. You should buy Mosquito repellent bracelet with brand like MOSBALL. So far many inferior qualtiy from yiwu,zhejiang province. Be careful, in order to make price more cheap, some factories use the inferior material to produce, to reduce the smell and cost, add chemical repellent and Chemical essence, although it works, significant toxicity exist in the same time. 

anti-mosquito silicone wristband-9.jpg

2. Secondly from package. If Mosquito repellent bracelet pack with clear opp bag, it should be fake because the essence oil will not work any more under a long time sunshine, normally, to ensure goods protect well during transportation and distribution, it must be pack with used in light-proof aluminum foil bag.

anti-mosquito silicone wristband-10.jpg

3. Lastly from appearance. quality anti-mosquito silicone wristband should be try and essential oil fixed tight while inferior quality anti-mosquito silicone wristband, the essential oil part will easy loose when you stretch it and the most important, once you find oily surface,  do not use anymore 

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