How To Play The Lego Nimuno Loops -wenny

- Jul 08, 2017-

How to play the lego nimuno loops?~Wenny

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Lego, such as Mega Bloks modular are popular in the world, is not without reason.They can play  for young and old, have unlimited creativity, and even affect the electronic games such as "my world".

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But some are not satisfied, so invented the Nimuno Loops, a compatible with mainstream modularization toys adhesive tape.

It is interesting to note that when the lego with adhesive tape, the chemistry between them is like a soul mate, very strong!

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Look at children design "weightless space", isn't it amazing?Clearly, relying on lego itself could not be achieved.

Nimuno Loops have red, blue, pink, green yellow and purple 6 kinds of color, and width is unified, its the reverse side for glue, can paste anywhere, 

and the surface is compatible with lego, Mega Bloks and Kreo modular toys, they can be set in Nimuno Loops.In simple terms, 

Nimuno Loops is the "foundation" of his modular toys.

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 Nimuno Loops, you can install the lego anywhere, such as shoes, toy guns, mobile phone or even a bicycle handle, think how to play how to play!

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