It Is Too Difficult To Quit The Straw! Why Bother? The Straw Girl Has Prepared A Perfect Substitute For You.

- Nov 23, 2018-

In recent years, due to the importance attached to the problem of plastic pollution, plastic straws have also been pushed into the topic of focus. Starbucks has enabled the suction cup cover, and McDonald's designed the straw-free cup cover. Plastic straw replacements are endless!

Why do everyone start with a "sipper"? We know that marine plastic pollution, pipettes are far from the problem. But in all disposable plastic products, straws seem to be the easiest to “quit”. Environmentalists also hope that disabling straws can be an opportunity! Then encourage everyone to reduce the use of other disposable plastic products.

Think about it, it's not that hard to use plastic straws! what? You said that you are not used to drinking a drink! Don't worry, look for the replacement and give it to the sucker! Switch to a paper straw, OK! A small step for you, a big step in environmental protection!

Compared with plastic straws, paper straws use food-contact base paper as the main material, and can print all kinds of colors with soy-based inks. When the colors are bright and full, they ensure safe, non-toxic and odorless, three to four after recycling. It can be completely degraded within the month, in line with the hygiene requirements of food safety packaging in Europe and the United States, and can be used in birthday parties, restaurant chains, household consumption, children's DIY appliances and other places!