Ordinary Backpack Standard Work Requirements

- Apr 06, 2017-

A. All seams are 12mm. Exceptions to special cases.

B. All fabric edges are parallel to the sewing thread. Spacing the same line to straight. Material side can not be more zipper edge.

C. When you break the line, go back.

D. On-line and off-line must be combined with good, not too loose, too tight, not a loose a tight.

E. The stitch is 6 needle / 1 inch on the foam, and all other sewing lines are 8 needles / 1 inch.

F. Suture line to 2 times, together with the line along the line a total of 3 lines.

G. All Oxford Belt, along the zipper, zipper head end of the zipper end to bake it. Especially the corners of the Oxford belt.

H. All threads should be removed.

I. All hardware manufacturers' names can not be seen, to be placed down.

J. Can not have eye.