- Apr 06, 2017-

A. The left and right sides must be consistent.

B. In addition to the Skyline ND45 and ND55 straps extending from the D-ring to 2.25 "

The other models are 2.5 "wide from the D-ring.

C. Classic CM40 / ND35 straps above the foam to the sewing line is 2cm.

D. The lower end of the strap is the "Z" shape. Up and down the next two inverted needle.

Storm Peak and Haute route only play two down pins' do not go "Z" shape.

E. The strap on the chest is tightened when it is pulled to the top, but it can not be too tight to bend the strap.

F. Chest elastic band Oxford with inverted needle spacing of 3 ", elastic band Oxford with a fixed 2 inverted needle '

With the elastic band connected to the two inverted needle to play a needle. Sewing thread margin is 3mm.

G. The bubble to put the flat, natural.

H. Straps can not be wrinkled, to be flat.

I. The upper end of the strap is 2.5 ".

J. The left side of the chest elastic line spacing is 2 ".